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Friends like these, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez - library binding

Fun-loving Jake tells his girlfriend, Jessica, that they have to go to Tegan's end-of-summer party in their tiny California beach town. Jessica doesn't like parties, and she doesn't like Tegan, who has an obvious, obsessive crush on Jake. But she agrees to go, to make Jake happy...mistake number one. Something awful happens at the party. Something so embarrassing that Jessica doesn't know if she can ever get over it -- and Jake will do whatever it takes to earn her forgiveness. But now a girl is missing. Everyone is a suspect. And Jake seems to have a lot to hide...mistake number two. When a body is discovered at the beach, friends start turning on friends, and lies start piling upon lies. What happened could destroy their lives. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Mistake number three... --, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
First edition.
Physical Description
377 pages, 22 cm

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  • Kingston Public Library (Mill Pond)

    Mill Pond Public Library 140 N. South St, Kingston, WI, 53939, US